Welcome, Spring! This fresh new season creates a sense of hope for the warmer weather to come. And while you’ll likely begin spring cleaning your home and airing it out after it has been closed up all winter, it’s also important to dust off your mortgage contract annually to ensure you’re saving as much money as possible.

A lot can change over the course of your mortgage term, including your income, debt load and even interest rates.

You annual mortgage review should include a look at your mortgage features and how you’re using them, as well as an evaluation of your personal and financial situation to ensure they’re still compatible. For example, if you’re paying a lot of interest each month due to credit card debt, you may want to consolidate your high-interest debt into your mortgage and free up cash flow. Or maybe your income has increased, so you’d like to examine your prepayment or lumpsum options. Spring also often means your renovation project to-do list is growing in anticipation of milder weather on the horizon.

Could you benefit from a mortgage refinance?
There are many reasons why a mortgage refinance can be a great solution for homeowners. Other popular purposes include simply taking advantage of lower interest rates before they continue to rise, sending your kids to school and purchasing another property – such as a vacation home or rental.

If your mortgage term is about to expire, now’s the perfect time to consider freeing up some of your home equity through a refinance because you won’t have to pay fees to break your mortgage early.

You mortgage agent can also help you weigh your options based on the penalty you’d face to break your mortgage mid-term vs how much you could save between now and when your mortgage is up for renewal. Sometimes it makes sense to pay a penalty while, in other cases, waiting a little longer – ie, closer to the end of your current mortgage term – is your best decision.

In low interest-rate environments such as the one we’re currently experiencing, it’s often a great time to refinance your mortgage to take advantage of the savings associated with obtaining a low mortgage refinance rate that will pay off over time. Just remember that rates have begun to rise and are expected to continue on this upward trend.

Have questions about your mortgage options or wish to book a free review to see if your mortgage is still right for you? Answers are a call or email away!